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Yukon Gold is tracking four gold mining teams that have only four short months in wild Canadian Yukon to receive a BIG payout. The modern gold rush continues with record gold prices. A good hit makes a man rich - a bad season kills him forever. Fighting mechanical failures, elements, and 18-hour days in the northern sun, these lost competitors have golden fever - and that brings them back year after year for another chance to bet everything.

Yukon Gold - Season 4 Fmovies review

The cast of Yukon Gold - Season 4 is excellent, the atmosphere, locations, dialogue, music - everything is done at the highest level, and in every season, in every episode. The Reality-TV genre always presents impressive shows due to its characteristics, but the Yukon Gold - Season 4 series has stepped even further - it draws into its reality, captures with action, causes goosebumps. Yukon Gold - Season 4 gave fans of Reality-TV TV series a great variety of interesting projects, but Yukon Gold - Season 4's story stands out with its intense passion and cute characters. this director tries himself in different genres, but Reality-TV is a direction where he manages to realize his potential especially effectively, which once again underlines the series Yukon Gold - Season 4. Choosing a series for the next viewing, I often give preference to the products of a particular country, as a rule, this is Canada, and Yukon Gold - Season 4 has strengthened my conviction in the correctness of such a selection.... Show more

Countries: Canada
Release: 2016-02-17
IMDb Rating: 6
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