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A Halloween game show asking participants to get the keys that opened boxes of cash. These then had to stuff their backpacks before sprinting out of a pack of dogs to keep cash, yes, real dogs. The exhibition begins with the standard message “Manufacturers would like to thank the families of the participants. No dogs suffered in the documentation of this event "and your left seat at the edge of the seat is waiting for one of the participants to be injured because it is being attacked by dogs

Release The Hounds - Season 2 Fmovies review

I think Release The Hounds - Season 2 is the best TV show of all time, a real masterpiece, and not only in the Game-Show genre, but also among all TV shows, regardless of the theme chosen by the creators. I'm upset because I finished watching the Release The Hounds - Season 2 series, made in the best traditions of the Game-Show genre, and now I'm not sure if I can find a worthy replacement for such an impressive spectacle. Despite the fact that Release The Hounds - Season 2 was released in 2014, it shows situations that are universal for different periods of social and social life. A long time ago I watched some good TV shows that this director was involved with, so when I saw his name again, I no doubt started watching Release The Hounds - Season 2 and had a lot of fun. The series produced by United Kingdom are characterized by charisma, which makes you watch them in one gulp, and then remain in a state of shock for a long time, digesting information.... Show more

Countries: United Kingdom
Release: 2014-09-22
IMDb Rating: 6.8
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