Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation


In this second installment to the original Care Bear movie trilogy 1980 Family Care Bear goes on his first mission Caring - the evil deeds of the evil demon with the acquisition of a summer camp called Dark Heart to stop when making bears and cousins ​​forever disappear. In exchange for the acquisition of the family, he is the camper Christy chance of success as "Champ Camp" called, so called over her rival. When you start caring Kingdom, its founder (the true heart bear and noble Heart Horse) stop at nothing to make to end the wrath of the first villain bears. Christy friends Dawn and John, and the rest of the family to join them in this way. Tells the story of the Great Wishing Star (voiced by Chris Wiggins), which is also the true heart and noble heart helps start Kingdom, as they both take care of orphans around the little boy.... Show more

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation Fmovies review

It was great pleasure for me to review Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation. It's one of those movies that stay in view for a long time after watching, he deserved to be available to watch online for free. These days, fresh movies coming to the cinemas, do not have 'something' what this movie has. It is really hard not to smile while watching Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation. I knew nothing about that movie before, never even seen a trailer, but I enjoyed it from the first seconds. Extremely impressive, it's the movie with the best dialogues ever. You can watch the movie online here or download it.... Show more

Release: 1986
Duration: 76 min
IMDb Rating: 5.5
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