24 Exposures


Billy fetish photographer who in staging performances of dead women specialize involved in a murder mystery when one of his models is there really alive. Michael, depression police investigated the crimes and probes to him why he chooses in the exploitation and engage fetish world. He can not explain why he does what he does is, unless you agree that you are attracted to certain ideas and women. When the two men are friendly, Michael is more involved in his photo shoots. When Alex, Billy's girlfriend is attacked by a jealous model with which Billy and Alex had three, Michael shoots attacker Alex. Michael then tried his memoirs for sale, but literary agent suggests that the story is weak, and the loose ends of the hero is not a good sale.... Show more

24 Exposures Fmovies review

Great Crime with an amazing cast and great storyline. I even refuse to compare 24 Exposures, Drama with others, masterpiece. The soundtrack of 24 Exposures is simple but very matching the scenes. I especially love in 24 Exposures the soundtrack, it is one of the greatest movies soundtracks ever. I knew nothing about that movie before, never even seen a trailer, but I enjoyed it from the first seconds. 24 Exposures gives the viewer unusual emotions. They are unpleasant, they drill a hole in the stomach and in the mind. And this is the beauty of this film. A nomination for an Oscar is not enough. 24 Exposures is one of the best possible choice for a saturday evening to watch online.... Show more

Release: 2013
Duration: 77 min
IMDb Rating: 4.2
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