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It tells fascinating stories of people who fight obsessive behavior just before they take their lives. Follow these addicts, discover their strange addictions, and meet psychological experts.

My Strange Addiction - Season 1 Fmovies review

Each scene of the My Strange Addiction - Season 1 series organically fits into the plot, helps the viewer get the message of the authors, realize the creative idea and empathize with the characters. As a prominent representative of the Biography genre, the show offers a high, almost theatrical level of action, meticulous detailing, authentic acting. As soon as My Strange Addiction - Season 1 came out in 2010, all my friends watched it and went wild, and although I was only recently able to learn the story, I got the same powerful experience. this director tries himself in different genres, but Documentary is a direction where he manages to realize his potential especially effectively, which once again underlines the series My Strange Addiction - Season 1. Friends of mine claim that United States produces series that are always relevant, so I started watching My Strange Addiction - Season 1 with curiosity and found that the story is rife with metaphors.... Show more

Countries: United States
Release: 2010-05-05
IMDb Rating: 5.7
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