Grand Designs - Season 14


Kevin McCloud follows people as they build their dream house, often focusing on modern design, energy efficiency, maximizing space and views.

Grand Designs - Season 14 Fmovies review

Each scene of the Grand Designs - Season 14 series organically fits into the plot, helps the viewer get the message of the authors, realize the creative idea and empathize with the characters. The Documentary genre always presents impressive shows due to its characteristics, but the Grand Designs - Season 14 series has stepped even further - it draws into its reality, captures with action, causes goosebumps. Among all the series that came out in 2013, the story of Grand Designs - Season 14 is distinguished by an original idea, a good cast of actors and a first-class implementation of the technical part. Wonderful in many ways, Grand Designs - Season 14 is a great example of how this director skillfully manages everything that happens on the set. Choosing a series for the next viewing, I often give preference to the products of a particular country, as a rule, this is United States, and Grand Designs - Season 14 has strengthened my conviction in the correctness of such a selection.... Show more

Countries: United States
Release: 2013
Duration: 50 min
IMDb Rating: 8.5
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