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The small town of Haven becomes a hot bed of inventions all run by a strange green power device. The whole town is digging something up in the woods, and only an alcoholic poet can discover the secret of the Tommyknockers.

The Tommyknockers - Season 1 Fmovies review

I don’t think that in the history of television there has been or will be such a significant show as the series The Tommyknockers - Season 1, which, in my opinion, literally cuts space and time. As a prominent representative of the Horror genre, the show offers a high, almost theatrical level of action, meticulous detailing, authentic acting. The Tommyknockers - Season 1 gave fans of Sci-Fi TV series a great variety of interesting projects, but The Tommyknockers - Season 1's story stands out with its intense passion and cute characters. The Tommyknockers - Season 1 is great in every way, in which I truly believe this director, a talented director and producer with an extraordinary vision, played a big role. United States is a leader in many arts and series production is one of her accomplishments, so I decided to check out The Tommyknockers - Season 1, after which I was convinced once again that New Zealand has rightfully deserved its reputation.... Show more

Release: 1993-05-09
IMDb Rating: 5.4
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