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When psychologists advise not to make any big decisions, three friends do exactly that and upend their lives in an effort to find happiness while there is still time, taking on the mid-life challenge they never saw coming.

Pivoting - Season 1 Fmovies review

I don’t think that in the history of television there has been or will be such a significant show as the series Pivoting - Season 1, which, in my opinion, literally cuts space and time. From the opening credits to the final scenes, everything about Pivoting - Season 1's story in the Comedy genre is overwhelming: the brutality, the romance, the duality of all life on Earth. No matter how life develops in the real world, the events of the Pivoting - Season 1 series, released in 2022, help to distract from reality, to forget about all the troubles. Liz Astrof, whose work I got to know by watching the series Pivoting - Season 1, proved to be a talented professional who managed to competently implement the script idea. United States provides drama producers with great opportunities to work with, which is naturally reflected in Pivoting - Season 1.... Show more

Directors: Liz Astrof
Countries: United States
Release: 2022
Duration: 23 min
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