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In part a revealing police procedural, this miniseries comprehensively explores crystal methamphetamine distribution and use in Australia. Featuring stories from officers, detectives, support workers, and current and past users.

Ice Wars - Season 1 Fmovies review

I don’t think that in the history of television there has been or will be such a significant show as the series Ice Wars - Season 1, which, in my opinion, literally cuts space and time. The tension caused by the genre Documentary surpasses all expectations; each episode of Ice Wars - Season 1 is like candy out of the box, and after eating it you feel like there will be no other sweet. Among all the series that came out in 2017, the story of Ice Wars - Season 1 is distinguished by an original idea, a good cast of actors and a first-class implementation of the technical part. this director, whose work I got to know by watching the series Ice Wars - Season 1, proved to be a talented professional who managed to competently implement the script idea. United States is a sought-after producer of series that consistently enjoy high ratings, and Ice Wars - Season 1's exciting series is no exception.... Show more

Countries: United States
Release: 2017
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