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Unlocking the childhood of Rose West. What was it that turned Rose, at the age of just 17, into the most sadistic, sexually motivated, serial killer Britain has ever witnessed?

Rose West: Born Evil? Fmovies review

Rose West: Born Evil? is for me one of the biggest surprises of the year 2021. I even refuse to compare Rose West: Born Evil?, Biography with others, masterpiece. Rose West: Born Evil? has literally everything a good movie should have, a movie that can be watched online with friends or a random group of people, and everyone will enjoy it. The film encourages reflection and, although it is not an outstanding work, it is certainly worth getting acquainted with it. Rose West: Born Evil? is a movie that is famous for having really great ending. That movie sticks out in my mind with how good it was. Maybe because I just didn't expect it. Sure there are classic movies which everyone like, and they are great. But Rose West: Born Evil? is just non stop awesome from start to finish.... Show more

Actors: Sally Bailey
Directors: Jared Wright
Countries: United States
Release: 2021
Duration: 69 min
IMDb Rating: 6.2
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