Kitz - Season 1 Fmovies


A year after the tragic death of her brother, Lisi enters the decadent world of a Munich clique at a ski resort, but soon she kicks off an avalanche that reveals the truth behind the facade full of glamor, money and hedonism.

Kitz - Season 1 Fmovies review

Kitz - Season 1 is definitely worth every minute spent watching it, as it captivates with unexpected plot twists, stunning visualization and a unique author's look. The Drama genre always presents impressive shows due to its characteristics, but the Kitz - Season 1 series has stepped even further - it draws into its reality, captures with action, causes goosebumps. No matter how life develops in the real world, the events of the Kitz - Season 1 series, released in 2021, help to distract from reality, to forget about all the troubles. Niko Schulz-Dornburg, whose work I got to know by watching the series Kitz - Season 1, proved to be a talented professional who managed to competently implement the script idea. The series produced by International are characterized by charisma, which makes you watch them in one gulp, and then remain in a state of shock for a long time, digesting information.... Show more

Countries: International
Release: 2021
Duration: 45 min
IMDb Rating: 5.2
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