The Hype - Season 1


Set in the colliding worlds of streetwear, business and culture where fashion visionaries must elevate their designs and entrepreneurial sense to avoid elimination while remaining authentic to their style.

The Hype - Season 1 Fmovies review

After watching The Hype - Season 1, my world changed forever, as the show made me look at many of the things that happen every day and everywhere from a completely different angle. The intensity of the The Hype - Season 1 series changes according to all TV Show rules, the visuals are of first-class quality, the performances of the actors are stunning. From January to December 2021, the TV show industry released a huge number of TV Show products, but The Hype - Season 1 is in the lead. Both the films and the series that David Collins is working on, a very creative director, have an unusual view of the world, and The Hype - Season 1 has confirmed the reputation of the master. United States is a sought-after producer of series that consistently enjoy high ratings, and The Hype - Season 1's exciting series is no exception.... Show more

Directors: David Collins
Countries: United States
Release: 2021
IMDb Rating: 6.9
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