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This sitcom is about the fairly ordinary daily lives of young newlywed New Yorkers, too-nice-for-his-own-good filmmaker Paul Buchman and his assertive partner Jamie Stemple Buchman, who are almost constantly (working up to) bickering and making up with each other and just about anybody else, notably his parents and siblings, her sister, their colleagues, friends, superintendent, and neighbors, psychotherapist, all kinds of staff, customers, officials, bystanders etc., even their dog Murray and his dog -walker.... Show more

Mad About You - Season 6 Fmovies review

Mad About You - Season 6's script strikes the perfect balance between all the components of a quality show that every viewer, even the pickiest viewer, can watch over and over again. As an experienced TV series fan, I have watched a huge number of Comedy products over the years and I can confidently say that Mad About You - Season 6 can be added to the top list. Despite the fact that Mad About You - Season 6 was released in 1997, it shows situations that are universal for different periods of social and social life. A long time ago I watched some good TV shows that Danny Jacobson was involved with, so when I saw his name again, I no doubt started watching Mad About You - Season 6 and had a lot of fun. Many of United States's TV shows are enviable in popularity, and Mad About You - Season 6 deserves the right to join the ranks of their "brothers", because they showed a grand spectacle.... Show more

Countries: United States
Release: 1997-09-23
Duration: 22 min
IMDb Rating: 6.6
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