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Supercar was a prototype vehicle that could travel in the air, on land or beneath the sea. Its test pilot was Mike Mercury, who traveled the world in search of adventure. Supercar was designed by Professor Popkiss and Dr. Beaker, who continued to modify it for specific missions. Often traveling with Mike was 10-year-old orphan Jimmy Gibson.

Supercar - Season 2 Fmovies review

Supercar - Season 2's script strikes the perfect balance between all the components of a quality show that every viewer, even the pickiest viewer, can watch over and over again. The intensity of the Supercar - Season 2 series changes according to all Family rules, the visuals are of first-class quality, the performances of the actors are stunning. The Supercar - Season 2 series, which debuted in 1962, deserves a detailed study by all fans of the Sci-Fi genre, as the story is coherent, exciting, worthy of re-watching. The series Supercar - Season 2 is notable for its high-quality staging, vivid scenes, extraordinary angles, which does not allow us to forget that this director is a first-class professional. Friends of mine claim that United Kingdom produces series that are always relevant, so I started watching Supercar - Season 2 with curiosity and found that the story is rife with metaphors.... Show more

Countries: United Kingdom
Release: 1962-02-04
IMDb Rating: 7
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