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Presents together six horror stories from Black directors and screenwriters in a single film: "Daddy," "Bride Before You," "Brand of Evil," "The Lake," "Sundown" and "Fugue State".

Horror Noire Fmovies review

Horror Noire is an awesome Horror movie. I even refuse to compare Horror Noire, Horror with others, masterpiece. It is a movie that truly knows what it is and wastes not even a second in conveying what that is. There are so many iconic scenes and dialogues throughout the movie that have become legendary in our culture. I walked into this movie totally blind. I knew nothing about it, even never saw a trailer... The opening song still gives me chills and sets the bar high for the rest of the movie. You can watch the movie online here or download it.... Show more

Directors: Kimani Ray Smith
Countries: United States
Release: 2021
Duration: 120 min
IMDb Rating: 3.9
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