Underground Marvels - Season 2


British documentary series exploring incredible feats of human endeavour underground, revealing what people have built, where they have built it, how and why.

Underground Marvels - Season 2 Fmovies review

After watching Underground Marvels - Season 2, my world changed forever, as the show made me look at many of the things that happen every day and everywhere from a completely different angle. While some of the points I learned from the trailer bothered me, Underground Marvels - Season 2 has met all expectations, especially the intrigues that are well-executed in the Documentary genre. The Underground Marvels - Season 2 series, which debuted in 2021, deserves a detailed study by all fans of the Documentary genre, as the story is coherent, exciting, worthy of re-watching. this director always sets himself super tasks, he very skillfully defines the general artistic direction of the projects on which he is working, which once again proves the series Underground Marvels - Season 2. Many of United States's TV shows are enviable in popularity, and Underground Marvels - Season 2 deserves the right to join the ranks of their "brothers", because they showed a grand spectacle.... Show more

Countries: United States
Release: 2021
Duration: 60 min
IMDb Rating: 7
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