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Sherman Klump is an incredibly fat and good-hearted man. He is a college professor on the verge of a breakthrough in DNA restructuring when he meets an admirer of his, named Carla, who is a teacher new to Klump's college. He is enamored of her, but is frustrated by his tremendous bulk. He then decides to test a formula on which he's been working on himself. He is then transformed into the lecherous swinger, Buddy Love, and romantic complications ensue.

The Nutty Professor Fmovies review

Anyone interested in movies probably heard about this movie. The Nutty Professor is a great choice for saturday evening. The soundtrack of The Nutty Professor is simple but very matching the scenes. The whole movie is complemented by well matched music. Everytime I start to watch this movie again, I enjoy music, it's great without doubt. The Nutty Professor gives the viewer unusual emotions. They are unpleasant, they drill a hole in the stomach and in the mind. And this is the beauty of this film. A nomination for an Oscar is not enough. Whoever has not seen it yet, let it rush in front of the TV, because this movie just has to be seen.... Show more

Directors: Tom Shadyac
Countries: United States
Release: 1996-06-28
Duration: 95 min
IMDb Rating: 5.6
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