Destination Fear (2019) - Season 3


Maverick paranormal explorer Dakota Laden takes his sister, Chelsea, and best friend, Tanner, across the country in an RV to spend the night in the most haunted locations in America, testing the limits of human fear.

Destination Fear (2019) - Season 3 Fmovies review

I don’t think that in the history of television there has been or will be such a significant show as the series Destination Fear (2019) - Season 3, which, in my opinion, literally cuts space and time. From the opening credits to the final scenes, everything about Destination Fear (2019) - Season 3's story in the Horror genre is overwhelming: the brutality, the romance, the duality of all life on Earth. 2021 was shocking in many ways, and the TV show industry has responded accordingly, as clearly seen in Destination Fear (2019) - Season 3, which is fun to watch no matter what. Both the films and the series that this director is working on, a very creative director, have an unusual view of the world, and Destination Fear (2019) - Season 3 has confirmed the reputation of the master. Friends of mine claim that United States produces series that are always relevant, so I started watching Destination Fear (2019) - Season 3 with curiosity and found that the story is rife with metaphors.... Show more

Countries: United States
Release: 2021
Duration: 60 min
IMDb Rating: 7.2
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